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Social media sites can be described as cyber social communication or virtual reality meeting places online, where audio and visual media is used to substitute the reality of not physically being there. The communication is real, albeit not often in real-time, as is the ability to share and exchange digital media.

Even in the real world the greatest reason we get together is to communicate in groups—usually of a common interest. You can see how communication is the biggest drawcard to congregating in groups and that is no different online. Whether it was planned or not, social media was bound to be a hit.

The advantage of social media networking, apart from the obvious of not having to travel anywhere, is that groups can easily advertise their interest on the same digital platform all groups are found...the web.

The ease of joining open social media groups of a particular interest, or forming them, has brought about change in the way we promote things. Many commercial enterprises even start up their own social media channels, attracting social interaction with those of a common interest. You will find groups this enterprise engages with here: